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Aversion, Death, Rebirth, Vanity                        









Mentored by more than 50 masters in Himalayas and other parts of India, later initiated by a legend, Himalayan mystic, master and enlightened, commonly known as Laughing Saint of Himalayas. Learnt ancient scriptures, religions, and practiced esoteric and spiritual practices for years. Intensive meditation and other practices for over 20 years evolved him into master teacher, mystic, and expert in many practices of yoga, Tantra and spirituality.  Studied physics, physiology, psychology that helped him to combine the wisdom of science with Tantra, yoga.  Conducted more than 35000 hours of teaching, training, conducting workshops, seminars, talks to people from all walks of life. After working in national Institute of yoga for 27 years, now working in USA since 2007 for Human Excellence through its many very well designed, developed and tested programs and workshops. Personal Transformation, Peace meditation, Stress Management, Rest, relaxation and resilience, Kundalini, Tantra meditation, Corporate Stress Management, Youth Stress management, Healthy Aging, programs and workshops have changed the lives of many people.

His simple, easy, effective approach to understanding the message of great masters, texts and easy to do practices with their rational interpretations and explanations attracts people from all walks of life. In addition, he had conducted research studies in meditation, asthma, high altitude medical sickness, diabetes, physiological correlates in meditation etc. His message is simple – be in peace and keep smiling.  Discover within- love, energy, awareness and peace ---your essential nature. He works with you and in you to reach to higher states of consciousness to excel in personal, professional, social and spiritual lives. 




Acharya Girish Jha: There are many interesting questions asked by the non-duality magazine.


Mind picks up the answers from the past, belief, memories and from higher consciousness when a person is awakened. We are unique because of the mind and we are troubled by the mind too until it is evolved. Mind is the helper and the barrier. It is the cause of bondage and freedom too. Kabir, one of the great mystics, says, ‘mind and the contents of the mind are the same, how come I can make people understand that ‘the absolute truth’ transcends the mind’.


The real and true answer would be – NO ANSWER at all but even writing, “NO Answer’ becomes an answer with reference to the mind and people who are reading it. When mind becomes transparent, receives everything from the higher consciousness, it drops all the answers coming from accumulated impressions of the past. At that point or moment of self-awareness, mind drops its belief and impressions of what we call – birth and death. Transcending the mind is also transcending both –the birth and death. Then where mind goes after the death, I already answered before – NO ANSWER.

However, “NO ANSWER” is neither rejecting nor avoiding the question. It is like ear making all efforts to see and eye is making all efforts to hear. Not possible, not because ear can see or eye can hear but because both senses are limited and confined to work in their own field. Similarly, mind is also confined in its own limited territory to know almost everything what the outer world. However, its own helpers limit mind firstly – senses, as senses are one-sided windows that opens to the world outside, has no say, and rather closed to the internal world, which is generally referred to as spiritual consciousness or inner space. 


Your question about an enlightened person fear aging, sickness and death is again very interesting question. Aging, sickness and death are subjected to change. The change is eternal but an enlightened person is eternal beyond change. How the enlightened person eternal who is now eternal can, can ever be effected by them. The journey of an enlightened person is to transcend the change in order to know that he exists beyond change. Therefore, question of an enlightened person effected by change of aging, sickness and death do not arise at all.


The ‘self’ of an enlightened person is the “SELF” which is eternal and beyond body, life, mind, intellect and ego.  Self of an enlightened person is embedded with ‘self-esteem’ which is the esteem of ‘being eternal, of blissful, of inner peace and wisdom’. It is different from the self-esteem of non- enlightened person whose esteem is embedded into body, life, mind, personality, color, gender and millions of things. Now question comes if an enlightened person needs to undergo plastic surgery and other works that modern man desires. It all depends on the enlightened person – he cannot do anything like them and simply refuse for the sake of refusing or he can undergo everything for the sake of play and fun. If an enlightened person resorts to drugs, medication for the mood change and managing the problems of anxiety etc. then he fakes ‘being an enlightened person’. I would rather stop practicing, teaching, advocating any practice if an enlightened person feels the need to resort of these things.